Larissa Manoela denies dating a friend: ‘I don’t relate to girls’ – Prime Time Zone


Actress said she thinks it’s unnecessary to have her sexual orientation questioned in 2021

Reproduction/Instagram/larissamanoela/05.07.2021Larissa Manoela denied the rumors that she is dating her friend

The actress Larissa Manoela denied that he is dating his friend, Bianca Palheeiras. The rumors started after they traveled together to the Disney, in the United States. In the early hours of Monday, 5th, the artist spoke on Twitter and said that she thinks it’s unnecessary to have to talk about sexual orientation in the middle of 2021. “It’s necessary to be patient, breathe and be didactic, like Professor Helena [da novela ‘Carrossel’]. “That said, no, I’m not dating my friend, as they’re creating this ‘fic’ [ficção] clueless! This is a lie. Women, are they rivals, or are they girlfriends? Hey? What world is this! Number 1: No, I don’t have a love relationship with women. And if I had [namorando], it would not have to be taboo. Enough of prejudice, of wanting to limit people’s love. I have no doubts about my sexual orientation. Yes, I’m straight. This space is mine with you, so as not to leave doubts about lies and speculation”, began by writing Larissa Manoela.

The artist said that she will not stop traveling with her friends due to speculation in the genre. “Just as I’ve traveled with other friends, others will accompany me. I am blessed by beautiful and true friendships, especially in a world where superficiality reigns.” In addition to speculating a new relationship after breaking up with the actor Leo City, the actress was also the target of prejudiced comments for being in an alleged homosexual relationship. “It is disrespectful to spread and feed lies about people. Even more involving a friend who has nothing to do with it. Stop creating lies”, he emphasized. “I don’t relate to girls, but that shouldn’t be a reason for mockery and prejudice disguised as curiosity or ‘joking’. We need more respect! I am here [no Twitter] out of respect for my real fans, those who don’t spread that kind of lying news. It’s for you and for you this message! And more, despite not being lesbian, let’s transform this episode about awareness and respect for LGBTQIA+. Their fight should be all of us. More love, more respect”, concluded the artist.