Lawyer says Luisa Mell wants her ex-husband’s arrest because she can’t leave the house – Prime Time Zone


The activist’s defense claims that businessman Gilberto Zaborowsky has been creating problems even with the restriction imposed after the case falls under the Maria da Penha Law

Reproduction/Instagram/luisamell/10.10.2021Lawyer said Luisa Mell only cries and is afraid of being attacked

The activist and presenter Luisa Mell tries in court the provisional arrest of the ex-husband, the businessman Gilberto Zaborowsky. The request has already been filed by the artist’s lawyer, Angelo Carbone, who, in an interview with Young pan, stated that Gilberto has not respected the protective measure imposed after Luisa registered a police report accusing her ex-husband of domestic violence. The case was framed in Maria da Penha Law. “He has been creating problems even with the restriction and she is afraid of leaving the house, of being attacked and even of being killed. I filed a request for the judge to arrest him or put him under house arrest using an electronic ankle bracelet. Luisa wants to live and have the right to come and go. She can’t sleep, she’s taking medication and just cries,” Angelo explained.

In addition to the accusations of psychological pressure and verbal aggression, Luisa has already stated that she will file a lawsuit after undergoing an underarm liposuction without her consent. The activist’s lawyer said that the procedure was performed by the doctor with Gilberto’s authorization. In Angelo’s view, part of the pressure that the businessman has exerted on Luisa is related to fear of the consequences of this case of medical violence. “It’s not just about the Maria da Penha Law, he’s pushing because he doesn’t want Luisa to file this lawsuit,” he commented. Also according to the lawyer, the activist’s ex-husband “has been putting psychological pressure on the phone and has already said that he is going to pick up the couple’s son and take him away.” Luisa was married to Gilberto for 10 years and together they had a son, 6-year-old Enzo Zaborowsky.