Leifert’s provocation at Super Dance puts jurors in tight skirts with celebrities


In the Super Dance of the Famous last Sunday (27), Tiago Leifert decided to put a brand worthy of Big Brother Brazil with a fire moment in the playground. In a provocative tone, the Sunday presenter let the artistic judges trivialized the maximum score and should be more rigorous, “controversial”. Rafa Kalimann, who was on the bench, took the advice and stayed in a tight skirt with the eliminated Mariana Santos and your teacher.

The 9.8 of the BBB20 vice-champion took the comedian and dancer Élcio Bonazzi out of the competition. The couple was by a tenth of at least a draw with Robson Caetano and Beatriz Larrat, who took a 10 from the Casa Kalimann presenter and saved themselves in the repechage.

Rafa also gave 9.8 to the others eliminated, Nelson Freitas and Paula Santos, and was the only one in the artistic jury who dropped a 9.9 to Rodrigo Simas and Natália Ramos, the best of the night — Caio Ribeiro, Wesley Safadão and even Claudia Mota (technical judge) gave 10 to the actor and the dancer.

Mariana and Élcio Bonazzi were the first to perform last week. “You bring so much happiness, you have such great charisma that we want to bring this energy closer. It was beautiful. My grade, I will be careful, it will be 9.8”, evaluated the BBB20 participant.

The comedian immediately made an expression of displeasure with the assessment. See the image below:

Mariana didn’t like the 9.8 grade

Tiago Leifert, who a few minutes before had provoked the judges, celebrated. “I want controversy,” he said. At the opening of the program, when interacting with Mariana and the guests, the presenter commented that, when he had been invited by the then titleholder Fausto Silva, he gave 9.6 or 9.7 in his evaluations.

The comedian had said that the problem with receiving a score below 9.9 from the artists is that it could end her trajectory within the competition, exactly what happened to her that day. Professor Élcio Bonazzi did not like Rafa Kalimann’s justification and complained on Instagram:

Partner, my biggest sadness is not being able to dance more and more with you! We are exposed to judgments, we accept that when entering the competition, people who don’t understand anything about dance giving marks to our work. I accept just defeat. I accept to lose when the criterion is fair and concrete. In that case, I’m sincere in saying that I’m not happy and feeling wronged. I’m sure we did a beautiful job! You are spectacular. Look at the commotion on the internet to prove it. Thank you for everything, Mariana Santos, meeting you was the best gift from this work. I enjoyed every minute and am grateful.

Afterwards, the dancer deleted the publication. Mariana Santos made a post in which she exalted the partnership with Bonazzi, without indirection to Rafa. In the comments, however, followers made a point of remembering the assessment of the digital influencer.

“Rafa Kalimann was thinking that it was a technical jury, you can only. You were wronged, because you danced a thousand times better than Robson Caetano”, opined a fan identified as Wanessa. “It was beautiful, I didn’t understand Rafa’s grades. It was totally without criteria”, observed Luis Antonio.

Check out the publication below:

Tradition for high notes

Note 10 has become almost a tradition in the framework of the extinct Domingão do Faustão (1989-2020). When evaluated with lower averages by professional colleagues, some of the famous who are in the Dance dispute do not accept it well. In addition to the viewers themselves, who revolt when they see their favorite candidate losing tenths.

Afraid of this reaction, the artists on the jury never give grades lower than 9.0. And even when they come to that, they are harshly criticized. Some even need to apologize for the assessment.

In 2019, Fábio Porchat said that he had lived this experience when evaluating Bruna Marquezine badly in 2013. “The only time I came here to be a judge, I remember that Carol Castro danced, wonderful, and Bruna Marquezine was here. And I gave it a 9 ,8 or 9,9. My friend, we cut relationships, and Bruna’s fan club was very angry”, reported the GNT presenter.

In fact, the score the comedian gave to the Globo actress was a 9.0. He was even booed by the Domingão audience. “You give the grades you want. Let him give his grade, guys,” asked Fausto Silva at the time. The “busy” with Bruna Marquezine was only resolved three years later.

The public is already so used to seeing only high notes in Domingão’s frames that a 9.0 seems to be way out of the curve. Actress Carolina Kasting caused a stir on social media after giving this note to Mariana Xavier at Dança dos Famosos, in 2017.

The actress said she didn’t consider 9.0 bad, but Mariana’s fans were outraged and called Carolina a fat-phobic. She had to publish a statement in which she stated that she had not been prejudiced.

The biggest fair-skirt by notes, however, happened in August 2006. Marcelo Madureira, then comedian of Casseta & Planeta, participated in the jury of Dança no Gelo, an old painting in which famous people ventured into performances on an ice rink. At the time, the competitors were Juliana Paes, Deborah Secco, Susana Vieira, Murilo Rosa and Giovane Gávio.

He gave everyone a 5.0 rating, except for Deborah, who received a 6.0. Madureira criticized details of the choreography and left the teachers offended. According to the newspaper O Globo, the comedian had to send letters to each of the participants, apologizing for his behavior.

In the current Super Dança dos Famosos, in addition to the case of Mariana Santos and Rafa Kalimann, there was a climax between Cristina Padiglione and Claudia Ohana. The actress disagreed with the journalist’s analysis and shook her hand when she received a 9.9 – not so far from the 10 that the artistic judge had measured against the other contestants of the night, Maria Joana and Mariana Santos.