Leonardo’s cousin dies at the singer’s farm after being accidentally shot in the face – Prime Time Zone


Death of Nilton Rodrigues, better known as Passim, was regretted by Poliana Rocha

Reproduction / Instagram / passim_1 / 05.03.2021Passim was shot at singer Leonardo’s farm and ended up dying

Cousin and personal aide to the singer Leonardo 30 years ago, Nilton Rodrigues, also called randomly, died last Thursday, 4, at the Talismã farm, owned by the sertanejo singer located in Goiás. Nilton was hit by an accidental shot from a firearm and the case will be investigated by the Civil Police. Leonardo’s press office confirmed the information to Young pan and explained that he still does not have details of the case because communication on the farm is difficult, but he said he will soon disclose everything that happened. On the social networks, Poliana Rocha, the singer’s wife, paid tribute to her husband’s cousin. “Life’s challenges became easier because you, with your way, always encouraged me and said: ‘Little witch, (our nickname for years) you will be able to do it, stay calm. I take care of my companion (Leo) and you are going to fight! And now? How do we do with the emptiness you left? Is your friend [Leonardo]? It stayed here without a floor! You know, I always believe in God’s purposes, but when it comes to fatality, the heart breaks, ”he wrote on Instagram.