Less complicated, rose wine consumption soars among Brazilians


The pink wave that elected the rosé wines like the darlings of summer 2021 is not over yet. Even with the end of the hottest days, the consumption of the drink remains high among Brazilians, and new trademarks don’t stop popping up.

The world is more complex, but you can start with the basics. See how, in the Investor’s Manual

One of the main reasons that rosés won’t be just a fad is their versatility. Whether on occasion or in the form of consumption, drinking rosé seems much less complicated for those who are not wine experts. No wonder, the drink is being used more and more in cocktails.

Rosés not blue

Made with the skin of red grapes, the color of the rosé wine itself already attracts consumers’ attention. “The shades can vary from salmon, pink to onion skin. The Provence style, with a very light salmon color, generally drier and more delicate on the palate, has been copied all over the world. There is also the most extracted version with a very strong pink color, more common in New World countries like Chile, for example”, says Karene Vilela, CEO of wine importer Portus Cale.