Less than six months after debut, Loading channel dismisses team: ‘It’s over’


Less than six months after its launch, the Loading channel dismissed the team of collaborators and ended the production of unpublished content. On Thursday (27), the employees were informed of the decision, and the original programs foreseen in the grid were replaced by reruns. “It is over,” warned presenter Fernanda Pineda.

On Twitter, reporter Felipe Goldenberg also commented on the channel’s decision: “Guys, Loading is over. We received this news at 5pm. No more. Thanks to everyone who watched, interacted, shared. We are trying to absorb everything that happened. It was, and is being, very crazy. “

“I am feeling super frustrated with the company’s decision. Worse: I am super frustrated with the way the company did this. We were notified at 5 pm; the Multiverse [programa diário sobre cultura pop] it started at 18h. However, I would do it all again. I would definitely accept the invitation to be part of this “, he added.

The official page of the Multiverso on the social network also entered the protest against the termination, changed to the name “Ex-program” and said that the attraction was “deceased”. “Thanks for everything, guys! We love you so much! Now we are going to drink to drown our sorrows”, wrote the profile administrators.

According to NaTelinha, almost 60 people were fired. The reason for the closure of activities was the withdrawal of Kalunga, the main sponsor of the project.

Sought by TV News, Loading has not positioned itself. Kalunga, on the other hand, did not answer the questions until this text was published.

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