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Let Heart: Lucrécia faces ‘Gigi attraction of the night’ and releases general; understand


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Lucrécia (Claudia Jimenez) will discover that Agilson (Marcelo Médici) is the “Gigi attraction of the night” at Clube das Mulheres, in São Paulo, and will be amazed with her stripper husband in Haja Coração. However, after the shock, Teodora’s sister (Grace Gianoukas) is going to release the general and will be delighted with the healed bodies of the gogo boys in the nightclub on Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

Camila’s mother (Agatha Moreira) will be taken to the cabaret by cousin Safira (Cristina Pereira) in the scenes that will air on the next 22nd. “Get out of this trance, Lucrécia! the maximum? “, will encourage the naughty. “I still haven’t assimilated this. Have you seen who’s on the posters?”, Will ask Aparício’s sister-in-law (Alexandre Borges).

“I knew you were going to be gone,” will celebrate the relative. Then, the host of the adult entertainment house will announce the main show. “The time has come! And here he comes, our big one, the huge attraction of the night, our big star: Gigi!”, The announcer will warn. “The show is about to begin!”, Safira will cheer up, while Lucrécia will be jaw-dropping.

“He’s going to arrest you. He’s going to put you on the line. He’s keeping an eye on you. With you, Gigi and your band!” Agilson, then, will appear dressed as a “naughty” police officer next to his fellow dancers and will begin to perform sensual dances, while slowly undressing.

“I can’t move, that is my Gigi!” “That is not your Gigi, that is the Gigi of all!”, Will correct the cousin. “I never imagined seeing my husband like this”, Lucrécia will say, indignant. “It’s your fault. With a talent like that at home and never used it?”, Will mock the character of Cristina Pereira.

Safira and Lucrécia will be splendid in the nightclub

The game turned

Despite his reluctance, Lucrécia will start enjoying the night. “Ah, Sapphira, I think I drank too much!”, The lady will warn. “I think you drank less, go, go, Lucrécia, touch and lick yourself!”, Advises Safira, while the two of them will be rubbing themselves in shirtless gogo boys. “Happiness exists and wear swim trunks!”, Gigi’s wife will celebrate. “Happiness exists and take off your swim trunks!”, Corrects the sadomasochism practitioner.

At the sound of the women screaming, Fedora’s uncle (Tatá Werneck) will be naked, with only a hat covering his private parts. “That’s it, girls. Thank you very much for coming! Police officer Gigi is watching you. That night was special!”, The stripper will shout, without stuttering. “Is he speaking normal? His tongue is loose!”, Will confirm the fiery woman.

“Speaking of soltinha, are you ok, huh? Shall we talk to Gigi?”, Will suggest the crazy cousin, but Lucrécia will refuse. “Magina, leave him or he will end my party. Now it’s like that, Sapphire, him in his party, and I in mine! Waiter! Two more [bebidas], two for me and two for her! “, Francesca’s enemy (Marisa Orth) will decree.

Haja Coração was first shown in 2016 and is an adaptation of Sassaricando (1987), a plot written by Silvio de Abreu. In addition to the spoilers, Notícias da TV publishes daily summaries of the chapters of the replay of the Globo TV soap opera.

The booklet is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Salve-se Quem Puder, which has just been recorded and is scheduled to be shown again on March 22 with a summary of what has already aired in 2020.

Find out everything that will happen in the soap operas with the Noveleiros podcast:

Listen to “# 45 – All about Juliano and Natália’s wedding at Flor do Caribe!” in the Spreaker.

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Let Heart: Lucrécia faces 'Gigi attraction of the night' and releases general;  understand