Let Heart: Pressed, Jessica delivers proof to incriminate Shirlei


After receiving an ultimatum from Vitória (Betty Gofman), Jessica (Karen Junqueira) will take the last step to take revenge on Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) in Haja Coração. The patricinha, pressured by Felipe’s mother (Marcos Pitombo), will hand over to the police the forged evidence of aggression to incriminate the young lady in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

In the replay of the 2016 serial, the blonde threatened Felipe with proof that he can keep his girlfriend in jail for theft and assault: a statue with Shirlei’s fingerprints. At first, he accepted, but went on to meet his beloved on the sly. The two even got engaged, and it was this news that made the evil mother-in-law demand that revenge be realized.

Carmela took advantage of a slip by her sister to alert her partner that the couple was trying to outwit her. Jessica didn’t fall for the frame and took an ultimatum in yesterday’s chapter (5).

“He did not deliver the statue and preferred to make blackmail, it was already for this process to be running,” fired the vixen, who against the involvement of his son with Tancinha’s sister (Mariana Ximenes) because he tries to keep Guido (Werner Schünemann) away from his ex -women and children.

This Saturday (6th), Jessica will say that she finally handed the statue over to the police. “This lawsuit against Shirei has to run as quickly as possible, even if I have to bribe everyone in this country of hell!”, Declares Vitória.

Haja Coração is an adaptation of Sassaricando (1987), written by Silvio de Abreu. The plot is on the air at 7:00 pm on Globo and is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Salve-se Quem Puder, which has just been recorded and will return to air on March 22 with what has already aired in 2020 Unpublished chapters will only be shown from May.

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