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Let Heart: Shirlei gains ally to sweep Jessica; know who


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Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) will gain a new ally to end Jessica (Karen JuNqueira) in Haja Coração. Camila (Agatha Moreira) will set up a plan so that Felipe (Marcos Pitombo) can find his “Cinderella” in the seven o’clock soap without the blonde suspecting, since the patricinha will have blackmailed him and demanded that the romance end.

The war operation carried out by Fedora’s cousin (Tatá Werneck) will air on the next 3rd in the plot by Daniel Ortiz. In order to outwit Carmela’s (Chandelly Braz) partner from the glue of Vitória’s son (Bety Goffman), the photographer will have the brilliant idea of ​​organizing a fake Peripécia essay on a deserted beach.

Giovanni (Jayme Matarrazo) will also be recruited by his girlfriend and will be responsible for taking his sister. Francesca’s children (Marisa Orth) will take care to go to the marked place. Without suspecting, the ex-maid will receive a surprise from the beloved.

Upon arriving at the beach, Camila will welcome her sister-in-law: “I just didn’t break Jessica’s face because they still haven’t left. Why does this Camila, when I get angry… Get out of the way”, will release Enéas’ ex-girlfriend (Johnnas Oliva ).

The meeting, however, will not only serve for the new pair of friends exchanged stickers. At Felipe’s request, Agilson’s daughter (Marcelo Médici) will lie when saying that Henrique’s friend (Nando Rodrigues) could not go and sent him a surprise that is in the car. The girl will then be surprised.

Felipe will propose to Shirlei in marriage

Pleasant surprise?

Enigmatic, Felipe will appear and take his girlfriend to a place far from the others and say he has a good and bad news. Adônis’ friend (José Loreto) will ask the boy to tell her the positive part.

The publicist will explain to her that he has devised a strategy to get Jessica to confess to the police that she lied about the alleged aggression that Shirlei had committed against her. However, despite the girl being released from prison, she will still be “chained”.

“You go to another chain, but a very small one. Do you accept this diamond handcuff? Do you want to be stuck with me forever?”, He will say, showing Guido’s daughter (Werner Schünnemann) an engagement ring.

The character of Sabrina Petraglia will accept the “prison” with joy and weep with emotion when she realizes that she has found the “prince charming” of her dreams. The newlywed couple will toast the new status of the relationship together with Camila and Giovanni, and they will enjoy the day at the beach.

Haja Coração is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Salve-se Quem Puder, which finished recording and will be shown again on March 22 with what was already aired in 2020. The unpublished chapters will only be shown from May.

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Let Heart: Shirlei gains ally to sweep Jessica;  know who