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Let There Be Heart: Bruna deceives Giovanni and takes him to live a night of terror


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Obsessed with Giovanni (Jayme Matarazzo), Bruna (Fernanda Vasconcellos) will set a trap for the boy in Haja Coração. The lawyer will cheat the Grand Bazzar employee. She will kidnap him and take him to live a night of terror in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

Bruna will freak out once and for all on the scenes that will air on March 11th. The girl will go to the church door at the end of the wedding of Tancinha (Mariana Ximenes) and Beto (João Baldasserini) behind Giovanni.

The vixen will invent that something very serious has happened and that he needs to go with it. Fernanda Vasconcellos’ character will walk to her car, followed by the boy and say that she will show him something.

As soon as Giovanni bends to look in the car for what she says she took, Bruna will butt him with a gun to his head, and he will pass out. The lawyer will take the phone out of his pocket and tie it with a rope. “Sorry, love, but just so you can come with me”, will say the crazy.

After a while, with the car in motion, Giovanni will wake up and ask where he is. “Go back to sleep, love. There are still about 30 minutes to go”, warns Bruna.

Bruna will tie Giovanni to a bed


Tancinha’s brother will notice that his hands are tied, and the girl will say that it is for his good. Giovanni will continue to ask her to let go of his arm. “I prepared a surprise that you will love”, will tell the brunette.

Giovanni will tell her to stop the car and, as she will not be answered, will jump out of the moving vehicle. With a gun pointed in his direction, the girl will order him to go back to the car. “Bruna, you are not well. Put that gun down”, will observe Camila’s “crush” (Agatha Moreira).

“I’m not kidding, Giovanni. Either you go in or you die! Choose!”, Will send the madwoman. Giovanni will decide to go with Bruna, who will put him in the trunk of the car. They will proceed to a chalet, where the obsessed woman intends to keep him imprisoned.

The next day, all injured, Giovanni will be lying in bed and will complain of pain in the head. “I slept so well feeling your body. I missed it”, Bruna will say.

Francesca’s son (Marisa Orth) will despair because he will not be able to move, and Bruna will show that he is all tied to the bed. “I tried to be with you in a good way, but you did not cooperate. It will have to be like that, my love”, affirms the unbalanced one.

Haja Coração is an adaptation of Sassaricando (1987), written by Silvio de Abreu. The plot is on the air at 7 pm on Globo and is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Salve-se Quem Puder, which has just been recorded and will be shown again on the 22nd with what already aired in 2020 Unpublished chapters will only be shown from May.

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