Let There Be Heart: Fedora makes Tancinha have an incredible surprise when he becomes a marketer at the end


Fedora (Tatá Werneck) will make Tancinha (Mariana Ximenes) have an incredible surprise in Haja Coração. The ex-dondoca will become a marketer at the end of the booklet and will thank the ex-enemy for the shack she made at her birthday party. Francesca’s daughter (Marisa Orth) will teach classes for her “new friend” to sell fruit and get along in her new profession in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

Throughout the plot, the characters of Mariana Ximenes and Tatá Werneck pecked a lot. Since Tancinha invaded the blogger’s birthday in the first chapter, the two have already rolled on the floor, tried to sabotage themselves and declared war on each other.

In a scene that will air in the last chapter of the novel, this Friday (19), Fedora will be working at the fair after giving up his fortune to be with Leozinho (Gabriel Godoy). She will receive a visit from Apolo’s childhood girlfriend (Malvino Salvador), who will say that she went there to finish a story that started badly.

Tancinha will apologize. “Why? Because I’m more hot than you? More studied, taller?”, Replied Fedora. The former fruit seller will claim that she regrets ruining her party and knows she was wrong.

Leozinho will interrupt the conversation and ask about Guido (Werner Schünemann). “Your father is alive, right? We heard about it”, the ex-crook will release. The Abdala heiress will soon return to the subject that created rivalry between the two.

“Yeah, but I don’t apologize. If you hadn’t invaded my birthday, I wouldn’t have met this thug who tried to hit me and he wouldn’t be poor and so happy today,” will Fedora, weeping. Surprised, Tancinha will understand that the patricinha liked what happened.

The new marketer will declare that Tancinha has changed her destiny, and the two will embrace with emotion. The ex-rich woman will say she needs to get back to work. Upon noticing his difficulty in selling, Tancinha will become his teacher on how to do well at the fair.

Haja Coração was first shown in 2016 and is an adaptation of Sassaricando (1987), a plot written by Silvio de Abreu. In addition to the spoilers, the TV News publishes daily summaries of the chapters of the replay of Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

The booklet is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Salve-se Quem Puder, which has just been recorded and will be shown again next Monday (22) with what was already aired in 2020. The unpublished chapters will only be shown at from 17 May.

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