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Let There Be Heart: Felipe unmasks Carmela and makes Shirlei sick with conspiracy


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In Haja Coração, Felipe (Marcos Pitombo) will unmask Carmela and make Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) feel bad with the conspiracy of his own sister and Jessica (Karen Junqueira). In the seven o’clock soap opera, the young man will discover that his ex-bride’s partner in the plan to separate him from the marketer is Francesca’s bitter daughter (Marisa Orth).

In the scenes that will air from next Monday (8), Felipe will begin to speculate with Shirlei what would have caused the failure of the plan to catch the villain in the jump. “I can’t understand how Jessica found out about the two of us, that we were back,” the publicist will start speaking.

“The mother and Giovanni [Jayme Matarazzo] they wouldn’t say anything to anyone, “the young woman will see. Cris’s brother (Isadora Cruz) will also assess that Henrique (Nando Rodrigues) and Camila (Agatha Moreira) wouldn’t have opened their mouths, since they were helping them in the plan to record the repressed admitting that he staged Shirlei’s theft and assault.

“Yeah, everything was going well. Jessica was about to confess, until she got that call. At that time, she realized it was a trap and that we were together. I’m here with the images on my cell phone, I’ll show you Do you see her reaction? “, Vitória’s son (Betty Gofman) will speak.

“Yeah, it really changed. Too bad you couldn’t see who it was on her cell phone, right?”, Will regret the fruit seller. “Then, Jessica handed the statue over to the police station a few hours later. She said that the maid found play in the garden, as if you had gotten rid of it when it was time to leave,” explains the character of Marcos Pitombo.

“One thing we already know: Jessica has an accomplice, the person who hit her. But who? Who, besides her, would want to harm us like that. Only if she hired someone to make this mess”, she speculates the ex-cleaning lady.

Ostentation and change

Then, Carmela will appear in the living room with designer clothes, and Francesca will announce that her daughter will move to an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo. “Living in the Gardens [região central]… New clothes. So, from one hour to the next? “, Will ask the youngest, lighting an alert in the groom’s head.

“Why not, Shirlei? You said yourself that Carmela did a horrible thing at Tancinha’s wedding [Mariana Ximenes] and that she lives teasing you “, will ask the playboy.

“Okay, but until I hand myself over to Jessica and put me in jail? No, this is very serious, Felipe”, she will refuse “Cinderela”. “I know, but they already know each other. I told you, I went to give Carmela a ride once, and Jessica made a fuss”, the boy will remember.

Identity revealed

“Take it easy, let’s not jump to conclusions!”, The young lady will ask. “It’s because Henrique is sure that it was Carmela who told Beto [João Baldasserini] dating with [Penelope, personagem da Carolina Ferraz] his mother. And worse! That she got a copy of the key to his apartment for Beto to catch them “, will commemorate Felipe.

“But it is very mean, Carmela would not be able to do such a thing”, the marketer will insist. “I didn’t want to tell you these things, but your sister has already insinuated herself to me a few times. This with us dating,” will reveal the palyboy. “Stop, Felipe, Carmela is my sister. She can be a little difficult, be jealous of us with her mother, but she is not a bad person, she would not be capable of such cruelty to me, she would not”, she will repeat the innocent.

“Look, the last thing I want is to create an intrigue in your family. But think. When you told your mother that we were back. Was Carmela close by?”, Asks Felipe. “I think she just went up to the room. Did she hear me talking? It can’t be. Jessica and Carmela met only once, how did they get close?”, Says Shirlei.

“I don’t know, but this is very strange, Shirlei. For those who were complaining that they didn’t have the money for anything, then, now with expensive clothes, saying they are going to move to an expensive neighborhood. Let’s investigate to see if there is any connection between Jessica and Carmela, just so we can clear up the doubt “, the boy will warn.

The two will then discover that the owner of the modeling agency who will have hired Carmela is one of Jessica’s best friends, killing, finally, the charade. “Wow, I’m feeling sick. I won’t be able to sleep well thinking about it”, concludes the character played by Sabrina Petraglia.

Haja Coração is an adaptation of Sassaricando (1987), written by Silvio de Abreu. The plot is on the air at 7 pm on Globo and is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Salve-se Quem Puder, which has just been recorded and will return to air on March 22 with what has already aired in 2020 Unpublished chapters will only be shown from May.

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