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Let there be Heart: Rich profiteers get tooled and become marketers in the final stretch


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The good life, with several perks, will not be a reality for Agilson (Marcelo Médici) and Leozinho (Gabriel Godoy) in Haja Coração. Trambiqueiros will be exposed and will live in a cramped room on the east side of São Paulo. To survive, the profiteers of the riches of the Abdala family will become marketers in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

After discovering that their husbands are scammers, Lucrécia (Claudia Jimenez) and Fedora (Tatá Werneck) will suffer at the mansion. “A curse fell on the Abdalas women. All deceived, abandoned”, will regret Camila’s mother (Agatha Moreira).

“Betrayed! Oh my God, I can’t stand it, I’m going to cry”, complains Fedora, who will look for her aunt’s lap to shed her tears. Teodora (Grace Gianoukas) will also be suffering from the departure of Epaminondas (Guilherme Chalucci), his Tarzan, but will try to disguise it, as he will not want to show his sadness to anyone.

Life change

Meanwhile, in a small room on the east side of São Paulo, Agilson and Leozinho will appear on the scene. In the tight room, one will be in a single bed, while the other will have to sleep on a mattress on the floor.

Dona Marieta (Hilda Rebello), who will have rented the cubicle for the boys, will enter the environment by tapping a pot to wake the rascals. She will say that they need to work and that she wants the room cleaned.

“I was so good dreaming about Fefe. Why did I wake up ?!”, Leozinho will be irritated. “And I was dreaming that I was at a resort in the Caribbean … But I ended up in that hole!”, Complains Camila’s father.

They will get up and go to the street to get a job. Leozinho will remember that he has the “dirty record” in the police and that it will be difficult to get a place. Agilson will suggest that he strip again. “I know that the fee is symbolic, but it is something already, right?”, Will encourage the man who dresses as a policeman in sensual performances in a nightclub.

Time to grate

While they are discussing what to do, a neighbor will listen to the conversation and let them know that Francesca (Marisa Orth) is passing her stall at the fair. “It’s actually a good idea. Take your Aparício’s money [Alexandre Borges] and invest in it. Best of all, we only work in the morning. It is to be thought “, Fedora’s ex-husband will like the option.

“I am not going to become a marketer”, warns Agilson, disagreed with his situation. With no way out, they will talk to French and close the deal. “Barraca do Gigi, the best of the fair is here”, he will invent as a slogan Leozinho.

Haja Coração is an adaptation of Sassaricando (1987), written by Silvio de Abreu. The plot is on the air at 7 pm on Globo and is by Daniel Ortiz, the same author of the unprecedented Save Yourself, which has just been recorded and will be shown again on the 22nd with what already aired in 2020. The unpublished chapters will only be shown from May.

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