Lexa is hospitalized and undergoes emergency surgery in São Paulo – Prime Time Zone


Singer is fine, but will remain in the hospital for the next few days; know details of what happened

Reproduction / Instagram / lexa / 27.05.2021Lexa had a bleed and had to have surgery on her tonsils and nasal septum

The singer Lexa went through a scare last Wednesday, 26th, because she had to be admitted to the São Luiz Hospital, in São Paulo, and go through a emergency surgery. Through her press office, the artist reassured fans and thanked her for the support she has received. In a note sent to Young pan, she explained what happened: “At first it was nothing aesthetic, it was a health emergency. Nasal bleeding and dark tonsil. Got a Deviated septum e fluffy meat horrible. I am asthmatic and suffer from tonsillitis. I had bleeding and had an operation. Now, I’m in recovery. Thank you for the loving words, but for now I can’t speak ”. According to the medical report, the operation “was successful”, but Lexa must still remain in the hospital for the next few days to recover from the surgical procedure performed on the tonsils and nasal septum. “The surgery was performed under general anesthesia without complications, but it is a very painful procedure and [Lexa] he should be discharged in the next few days ”, informed the note released by the hospital.