Lexa leaves the hospital to be treated at home and denies that she underwent rhinoplasty – Prime Time Zone


Singer was hospitalized in São Paulo after undergoing emergency surgery

Reproduction/Instagram/lexa/28.05.2021Lexa has left the hospital and will be accompanied by a doctor at home.

The singer Lexa left the hospital at dawn this Friday, 28, after being hospitalized and undergoing emergency surgery. In a statement, the singer explained that she had “a horrible septum deviation and spongy meat” and, being asthmatic, she suffered from tonsillitis. “I had bleeding and operated”, declared the artist last Thursday, 27. According to the medical bulletin, the singer should stay in the hospital for a few more days to recover from the post-operative period, but she is no longer in the hospital. Wanted by Young pan, Lexa’s team explained: “She left Hospital São Luiz, in São Paulo, at midnight and will be accompanied by the doctor at her residence. Later today, she will give an opinion on her throat.”

On social media, she explained that she left the hospital in a wheelchair because she had not eaten for 36 hours and again denied that she had undergone a cosmetic procedure. “People saying that I did Rhinoplasty, I didn’t and would have zero problem speaking. Anyone who has had a nose operation (deviated septum and spongy flesh) and amygdala knows that the post-operative period is painful! But I’m recovering well”, wrote Sapequinha in Instagram stories. In the midst of hospitalization, the singer released the song tardy, in partnership with Kevinho. Before posting the promotional videos of her new work, Lexa explained: “Thank God I always leave all my promotional content pre-recorded. I take it when I’m dressed and I record everything! so i will post [vídeos dançando] and don’t be surprised”.