Li and JP end Leandro and Renata’s stewardship in Power Couple: ‘Self-Defense’


Li Martins and JP Mantovani expelled Leandro Gléria and Renata Dominguez from the Fiction Suite of Power Couple Brasil 5. The actress and her husband will have to spend the next few days in perrengue, a room without any privileges and with a less comfortable bed. “It’s self-defense,” said JP during Sunday’s game of contention.

Leandro and Renata’s departure from the current suite came after JP and Li gained power during tonight’s dynamic. In the activity, couples needed to cross a lane while balancing balls and then knock down a house with a photo of their opponents.

As they took down the photo of the publicist and the actress, the ex-Rouge and the model had to take them out of the room they were staying in to send them to the Suite Perrengue, which belonged to Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley.

“It’s self-defense. And you have to accept the game”, warned JP before delivering the message that determined the change of rooms to Leandro and Renata.

Later, the singer and the model gained a new power, which was handed over by Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão: they had to take R$15,000 from a couple’s joint venture. “To be coherent, we are opponents, I will take it from Renata and Leandro, thinking of a tiebreaker”, justified JP.

Despite the loss, Georgia Fröhlich and Thiago Bertoldo received a power to cancel another one and chose to return the R$15,000 that Leandro and Renata had lost.


After the end of the dynamic, Li and JP apologized for choosing Renata and Leandro, as the actress had complained of back pain. “I didn’t remember your column, sorry,” explained Mantovani. “No problem, let’s go ahead,” Renata replied.

Check out some excerpts from the dynamic:

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