Lilia Cabral becomes ‘owner’ of primetime with Empire and can extend reign


Lilia Cabral can already be considered the queen of Globo’s nine soap operas. In addition to amending a third role in the schedule reruns, with the announcement of the re-display of Empire (2014) after Amor de Mãe, the artist is also disputed by authors of two unpublished serials. The veteran is scheduled to be in Pantanal and Olho por Olho – both plots are planned for 2022.

The broadcaster decided to redisplay Aguinaldo Silva’s plot due to the pandemic, after a considerable increase in Covid-19 cases in Brazil. Thus, the public will once again follow the family history of Commander José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) and Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral).

Meanwhile, the production of Um Lugar ao Sol runs out of time to go aired in the second half. Initially, Globo had bet on the premiere of Lícia Manzo’s booklet shortly after the end of Amor de Mãe. However, the programming of teledramaturgia was changed due to the new social isolation rules in Rio de Janeiro, where the recordings of the soap opera take place.

“With the decree of the City of Rio de Janeiro, announced today, the Globo Studios, which were already running at a slower production rate than usual, due to all the precautions of the security protocol, will decrease even more,” said Globo in note.

This same strategy was used in March last year, when the first wave of Covid-19 infection spread throughout the country. Thus, the production of Amor de Mãe was paralyzed for four months, and the broadcaster chose to reprise special editions of two novels of the nine: Fine Print (2011) e The Power of Wanting (2017).

In the first, Lilia Cabral played the protagonist Griselda, a struggling woman who lived on a war footing with the wealthy Tereza Cristina (Christiane Torloni). The two characters were surprised and cursed themselves comically during the entire plot by Aguinaldo Silva.

In Gloria Perez’s booklet, which is in the final stretch of the re-presentation, the actress is Silvana. An architect addicted to gambling that puts herself and her family at risk for it.


Seen a lot in the revisions of the serials, Lilia Cabral is also disputed for productions of two novels unpublished. According to the website On the small screen, the actress was confirmed in Olho por Olho to play a role specially written for her by João Emanuel Carneiro.

However, the direction of Pantanal is also keeping an eye on the artist and wants her to remake the story of Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The dispute between the teams brought discomfort to Globo’s dramaturgy group.

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