Liniker releases his first solo album, ‘Indigo Butterfly Anil’


Liniker releases his first solo album, Indigo Butterfly Anil, this Thursday (9), at 7pm. He is connected with the present – both in terms of sound and in relation to the singer’s ideas and feelings. However, the strands of this cocoon were braided over a decade ago, almost instinctively, when Liniker was 15, long before she became a major artist in the black and LGBT+ scene.

It is the song Before Everything, the second of the 11 tracks on the disc. In the lyrics, she talks about flying. She warns that she has lost her fear of rain and will go in search of a life that until then had not allowed her to live fully.

The dancing track, with the characteristic groove of Liniker’s voice, has the participation of Orkestra Rumpilezz, with wind, percussion and conducting arrangements signed by its commander, Bahian maestro Letieres Leite.

“Because it’s an authorial work, it was natural that I took an old composition and reformed it. This gives me a feeling of artistic freedom. It was as if this song was in a cellar waiting for the moment to take another direction”, says Liniker, in interview with the State.

The choice of the sought-after band Rumpilezz connects Liniker with her newly discovered ancestors. In a recent conversation with her father, the singer discovered that her grandfather is from Casa Nova, in the semiarid region of Bahia. It all made sense. Including, according to her, the warm way she is always received in Bahia – and her predilection for spending time off there.

As well as Before Everything, Liniker alone signs the other 8 songs on the album. Two others gain membership from partners. However, her mark as a composer imposes itself, even though on the albums she released alongside the Caramelows, a project in which she stayed for five years – Cru, Goela Below and Remonta -, she has already exercised this function.

“This one is different. It’s a place of maturity. Instead of singing for other loves, on this record, I sing my self-love. It’s about me. I gave new meaning to my writing and found other ways to talk about affections. I’m 100% me, not now. I’m happy,” he says.

This move made Liniker also take over the production of the album, a role she shares with Gustavo Ruiz and Júlio Fejuca – the latter, with whom she has worked since 2019, when they made the single Presente for the international YouTube channel A Colors Show, in a step that the singer took to make her work known abroad.

Together, they reached the sound of Indigo Butterfly Anil that the singer defines as a “black” record. In it, there are soul, R&B, hip-hop, samba, samba-rock and pagode. “It’s a record of black music from our culture. From the things I’ve always heard in my backyard. I understood the plurality of these rhythms and the amount of sound that my family presented me. I want to dance to any note”, he says.