Lots of gold! Carla Diaz celebrates a rerun of ‘O Clone’: ‘Mark in my career’ – Prime Time Zone


In an Instagram publication, the actress remembered the character Khadija, daughter of Giovanna Antonelli in the story; soap opera returns to the air after 20 years, in ‘Vale a Pena Ver de Novo’

Reproduction/ Instagram @carladiaz 01.09.2021Carla Diaz remembered the character Khadija, daughter of Jade, Giovanna Antonelli’s character, in Glória Perez’s soap opera

The actress Carla diaz celebrated on social networks the return of the soap opera “O Clone“, which will be repeated after 20 years. In a publication made on Instagram this Wednesday, the 1st, the ex-BBB remembered the character Khadija, daughter of Jade, the character of Giovanna Antonelli, and Said, played by Dalton Vigh. “This soap opera that I have so much affection for and that represents a milestone in my career. After all, Khadija is eternal, right?”, wrote the actress in the publication, which accompanied a photo of her as the character. “Inshallah,” he added, quoting Khadija’s catchphrase. The announcement of the return of O Clone was made by the presenter Ana Maria Braga this Tuesday, 31. Just like Diaz, the The presenter also said that the soap opera, the first in which she made a cameo, “marked life”. “I had just come out of my serious cancer phase, where I had shaved my head, my hair was starting to grow back, it was swollen from chemotherapy. It was a time that marked my life a lot, I kept working and it made all the difference that I went [participar da novela] at this very special moment, I had just arrived at Globo”, said the presenter. A success for Glória Perez, the rerun of O Clone starts from October 4th, replacing ‘Ti Ti Ti’, in “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo”.