Lucas Lima asks Sandy to send nudes and the singer surprises her; see photo – Young Pan


Musician shared an exchange of messages he had with his wife on Telegram when WhatsApp stopped working: ‘Sequels of the blackout’

Reproduction/Instagram/sandyofficial/06.10.2021Sandy surprised Lucas Lima after he asked her to send nudes

Or musician Lucas Lima released last Tuesday, 5, an exchange of messages he had with his wife, the singer Sandy, last Monday, 4th, when WhatsApp and other social networks were down. In the exchange of messages, he joked asking for intimate photos of the artist and she responded in an unusual way. “WhatsApp is off the air… anything, say it, ok? I love you,” the singer wrote to Lucas on the Telegram. “It fell again! He sends nudes”, replied the musician. Sandy decided to play with her husband and sent a photo with three lipsticks in nude tones and wrote “Nudes”. The member of Lima family he countered: “Inelegant”. When exposing the dialogue in Instagram stories, Lucas commented: “Sequels to yesterday’s blackout…”. Sandy shared her husband’s post. In September of this year, Lucas and Sandy completed 13 years of marriage. The artists met in 1998 and started dating the following year. After some comings and goings, the parents of Theo, 7 years old, decided to establish the relationship and went up on the altar in 2008.

Print of Sandy's conversation with Lucas Lima

Lucas Lima shared the exchange of messages he had with Sandy – Reproduction/Instagram/sandyofficial