Lucas Lucco reverses the facial harmonization and shows the result – Prime Time Zone


‘I was feeling pretty bad about my appearance’, confessed the singer on social media

Reproduction/Instagram/lucaslucco/20.07.2021Lucas Lucco before and after the reversal of facial harmonization

The singer Lucas Lucco completes the reversal of the facial matching, an aesthetic procedure that turned fever among the famous, and explained in stories on Instagram this Tuesday, 20, that he made this decision because he didn’t like the way his face looked. “I was exchanging an idea with my doctor and I just removed 100% of the products from the facial harmonization. Everything worked. I took it off because I didn’t like the result. On my engagement, I had just made it and you can see that I didn’t post almost any pictures because I was feeling pretty bad about my appearance, I was still pretty swollen. These engagement photos sometimes I don’t even want to see. the lorraine [Carvalho, esposa do cantor] he makes fun of me,” he said.

With the completion of reversal of the procedure, the singer said: “Now I am Lucas”. Even not liking the result, the countryman emphasized that he has nothing against facial harmonization. “It’s really cool, it helps a lot of people, it transforms the lives of many people, I’m aware of that, but it didn’t work for me,” he said. The singer also demonstrated that he was relieved to learn that harmonizing is something reversible. “It’s nice that if you do a type of procedure like this and don’t like the result, you can do the reversal”, he concluded. This is not the first time the singer says he regretted changing his face. In September of last year, Lucas gave an interview to “Fantástico” saying that he was not recognizing himself and that he wanted to reverse the procedure.