Lucas Penteado is live exposing the bride’s alleged betrayal: ‘How are you going to explain it?’ – Young pan


Actor left his followers worried and Gil do Vigor asked on the broadcast what was going on

Reproduction/Instagram/lucaskokapenteado/01.10.2021Lucas Penteado left followers worried after live on Instagram

The actor Lucas Hairstyle worried fans when he made a live last Thursday, 30th, because followers were suspicious that he caught a betrayal and decided to expose his fiancée, Júlia, on social networks. The artist’s name ended up in the most talked about topics on Twitter. “How are you going to explain to everyone after I went to ‘Altas Horas’ and gave several other interviews saying I loved you? We rented an apartment, this porr* here is very expensive”, declared the ex-participant of the “BBB 21” on the live stream. The artist’s fiancee appears in the video alongside a man in a suit, who would be the building’s security guard. The three entered the elevator together and, still recording, Lucas said to Julia: “How ugly, dammit*”.

As for the man who would be having an affair with his fiancée, he said: “You, brother, have nothing to do with it, you don’t need to be embarrassed, it’s really wrong who had the relationship”. When they got out in the elevator, Lucas continued filming Julia, the supposed security tried to stop him and the ex-BBB he said he was being threatened. Gilberto Nogueira, who kissed Lucas inside “BBB 21”, was on live and commented: “Guys, what happened?”. Prime Time Zone sought out the actor’s press office, but got no return. In September, Lucas participated in Globo’s “Altas Horas” and revealed that he was committed. “I had depression and I believe it is a struggle day after day. I cling a lot to my family, it puts good people in our path. To my father, my mother, my brothers. I’m even engaged to Julia”, commented on the program.