Lucas Penteado’s fiancee tries to commit suicide after being accused of treason – Prime Time Zone


Julia Franhani and her mother also accuse the ex-BBB of having taken her cell phone and documents

Reproduction/Instagram/lucaskokapenteado/01.10.2021Lucas Penteado left followers worried after live on Instagram

ex-BBB’s fiancee Lucas Koka Hairstyle, Julia Franhani, tried to commit suicide from this Sunday to Monday because of a series of insults and threats that would be receiving on Instagram. Last Friday, 1, Lucas performed a live on his Instagram in which he accused Julia of betraying him with a security guard at the Barra Bela condominium in Rio de Janeiro. The version of the girl, the security guard and other employees and residents is that Lucas would have returned from the street to the place upset and started to break the room in which he was, to which Julia asked the help of the security that appears in the images.

Julia’s profile on social media was brought down by the offenses, but Julia’s mother, Sunday Franhani, posted about the situation and charged both Lucas and his mother. Domenica posted a photo of her daughter receiving medical attention in what appears to be a blood test or intravenous drug administration and told Lucas to return Julia’s things, like her cell phone. “Return Julia’s cell phone, documents and belongings as this is a crime of misappropriation. And Andrea Hairstyle [mãe e empresária de Lucas] explain to everyone the meaning of the word welcoming, because as much as you are trying to silence my daughter, the truth always prevails!”, he said. Afterwards, he also called his daughter a ‘superwoman’. Lucas has also asked his followers to stop attacking Julia. THE Young pan, Domenica Franhani confirmed her daughter’s attempted suicide and said she will be fine. Lucas Penteado did not return to the report’s contacts until the publication of this article.