Lucas sings with Projota at BBB21, and Tiago Leifert breaks Globo’s protocol


Surprised by the BBB21 final, Lucas Penteado appeared on stage while Projota sang Muleque de Vila. The return of the actor, who asked to leave the reality show after being excluded by the rapper himself, caused a furor in the house and even made Tiago Leifert break Globo’s protocol. The presenter joined the finalist trio in front of the stage to enjoy the show.

Leifert hugged Juliette Freire, Camilla de Lucas and greeted Fiuk. The four watched and sang along with the artists who performed with an acrylic shield. The finalist trio was thrilled.

At the end of the show, Projota and Lucas embraced. The BBB21 presenter was visibly moved by the scene, but did not have time to speak into the microphone, as the program was for a commercial break.

Before the vignette came in, I could see Leifert hitting the acrylic and saying “you are awesome”, excited. After announcing Juliette champion, the presenter rejoined the three at the close.

The moment had repercussions on social networks. See tweets below:

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