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Luciana Gimenez goes to court to ban Antonia Fontenelle from talking about her


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After obtaining an injunction prohibiting Jorge Kajuru from citing her, Luciana Gimenez filed a lawsuit against Antonia Fontenelle, the person responsible for the interview in which she was called “program woman”. In an action that runs at the 3rd Civil Court of the Regional Forum XI of Pinheiros, in São Paulo, the presenter asks for R $ 10,000 of moral damages and also wants to prevent the youtuber from talking about her again.

Luciana’s defense filed the lawsuit on Friday (9) reiterating that the channel Na Lata with Antonia Fontenelle has more than two million subscribers and that the video in which her client is humiliated has already recorded more than 900 thousand views.

On March 25, the senator elected by Goiás fired offenses at the RedeTV star! during a live on Antonia’s channel. “About Luciana Gimenez, I have nothing to say. I don’t talk about a woman in a program. Damn it. She has already sued me, she can sue again. Mick Jagger. Or do you think it was for love? “He said.

“And she knows that I know the whole story. She was hired to be with Mick Jagger. I said that because for me she had no respect for colleagues. I worked with her on RedeTV !. She arrived as if she owned it. . Then he ended up marrying one of the partners of RedeTV !, so you can see that her life has always been of interest “, declared the politician.

Kajuru referred to two relationships from Luciana’s past. In the late 1990s, the model had a brief affair with Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones. From the relationship, his first son, Lucas, now 21 years old, was born. She was also married to Marcelo de Carvalho, partner and presenter of RedeTV !, between 2006 and 2018. During this period, the couple had a son, Lorenzo, currently 10 years old.

O TV News had access to the records in which Luciana recalls that she had already been the target of defamation in a June 2019 interview on the same channel. On the occasion, the interviewee also spoke about the relationship with the international star. “In 30 seconds she managed a retirement of 30 thousand dollars for the rest of her life with Mick Jagger. So, really, to talk about retirement she is special, now zero credibility,” he declared at the time.

Because of this episode, the communicator blocked Antonia’s contacts, but did not proceed in the legal sphere due to the politician’s statements. The interviewer herself recalled the situation in the recent conversation with Kajuru. “Our last interview was a piriquiteiro, a rebuceteo. Kajuru, Gimenez blocked me,” he said.

“It was a general confusion, and I loved it, right? (Laughs) I mean, I was upset that the other girl blocked me. I didn’t need to. I saved her. So, I cut 80% of what we said about her. But anyway, what to do? “, he commented.

Having been the subject of macho and insulting comments for the second time on Antonia’s channel, Luciana felt wronged. According to her defense, she “does not agree that her image, her good name and her honor” are downgraded and that she “is humiliated in exchange for likes, views and promotion of social mockery”.

Therefore, the lawyers of RedeTV’s contractor! they requested urgent protection so that Antonia is prevented from speaking Luciana’s name as well as not giving space or allowing her guests to do so as well. In the lawsuit, the presenter complains that the youtuber knew about Kajuru’s debauched profile and “nudged” him unnecessarily knowing that he would make such defamatory comments.

Luciana’s lawyers ask for a fine of R $ 20,000 for each non-compliance, that is, if the Court complies with the communicator’s request, Antonia can afford this amount every time she cites the artist’s name.

The defense perspective is that the right to freedom of the press is broad, but does not allow for abuse. According to the model’s legal representatives, the controversial interview demoralized her client and publicly affronted her dignity as a woman and mother.

The other side

Antonia Fontenelle has not yet been named in the case. Upon being informed of the action by the TV News, youtuber recalled that he asked Jorge Kajuru to “be careful” in his statements on his channel’s live broadcast.

“Each one understands how he wants. He has no problem because I have no intention of mentioning Luciana at all. I never went around citing her at all. Her request and nothing goes the same. She made a request [na Justiça] for nothing. One thing that is already part of me is not talking about it. I have nothing to talk about “, he continued.

The digital influencer stressed that she understands – in parts – Luciana’s position. “If it were the other way around, I would also be very upset. I would be very upset if someone went to a TV show and talked about me barbarically. I understand her. But I repeat: the speaker was Kajuru, and I am not responsible for that others speak, think and say. I am responsible for my actions “, he concluded.

Sought, Luciana’s press office said she would not comment on the case. The defense of the artist was also sought, but it was not manifested until the closing of this text.

See videos from Na Lata with Antonia Fontenelle that quote Luciana Gimenez:

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