Luciano Huck corrects Globo’s mistake with tribute to Faustão no Domingão


At the opening of Quem Quer Ser um Mionário this Sunday (5), Luciano Huck corrected, albeit discreetly, a mistake by Globo and paid a quick tribute to Fausto Silva during the new Domingão. The ex-Caldeirão had already thanked the veteran, who was on Sunday for 32 years on other occasions, but he didn’t let the opportunity pass this time either.

“You can’t not think of Fausto Silva who, for 32 years, occupied this time. I’m a big fan, I’m a good friend. So I wanted to pay a fair tribute to this debut,” he began.

“Faustão gave a huge contribution to the Brazilian and Brazilian Sunday, captivating people in an intelligent way, with a lot of good humor and being very generous with the artists as a whole”, reinforced Luciano Huck.

Globo did not give Faustão the right to remain in Domingão until December, when his contract ended, nor to say goodbye to the public on the air. The fact that he announced that he’d hit the band’s job in 2022 angered the audience leader’s directors.

Despite not having said goodbye on the air, Fausto Silva has received messages from artists on social networks and on Globo itself. There were several affectionate mentions to the presenter at the Super Dance of the Famous, which ended last week.

“I would like to register here my hug, my affection, my admiration and my wish for good health. Also my best wishes for success in your new cycle [na Band, a partir de 2022]. I am especially grateful to Faustão,” said Luciano Huck.

Domingão’s new titleholder also praised the work of Tiago Leifert, scheduled to replace Faustão before Huck’s debut. “I would also like to thank Tiago Leifert, who masterfully conducted the last Sundays here at Super Dança dos Famosos. And I thank all the presenters who made Sunday a time and a day for family meetings on Brazilian TV”, he commented.

“I’ll do it my way, I want to continue this beautiful tradition of fun, thrilling, inspiring Brazilian families on Sunday. I’ll be here with great faith and great strength. I hope it’s something you enjoy”, wished the ex -Cauldron.