Luciano Szafir does not have a forecast of high even with ‘satisfactory evolution’ – Prime Time Zone


Actor, who was hospitalized due to Covid-19 reinfection, has already returned to eating naturally

Reproduction/Instagram/szafirficial/16.07.2021Hospitalized, Luciano Szafir returned to eating naturally

the actor and presenter Luciano Szafir, hospitalized for a reinfection of Covid-19 since the 22nd of June, he presented a clinical improvement. According to the medical bulletin released by the artist’s press office this Friday, 16, he had a “satisfactory evolution and has already resumed eating by natural means”. In a note, it was explained that “he is in progression of motor and respiratory physiotherapy, still undergoing medication adjustments”. Even with this progressive improvement, the actor still has no forecast for discharge and remains hospitalized at Copa Star Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. It is noteworthy that, initially, Luciano, 52 years old, was admitted to the Hospital Samaritano, in Barra da Tijuca. During this time of hospitalization, the father of Sasha Meneghel he was even intubated, but she no longer uses mechanical ventilation. Last Sunday, 11, the actor even made a post on Instagram: from the hospital “Hi, guys! I decided to make this video to show that I’m alive”. The presenter Xuxa, Luciano’s ex-wife, also spoke out and, in an Instagram post, criticized the pace of vaccination in Brazil. “The vaccine took… 52 years old Lu has, he could already be vaccinated (double) if our government was not worried about earning a dollar per vaccine and saying no to Pfizer and others (ordering to buy vaccine at the mother’s house)”, he wrote the artist on Instagram.