Luciano Szafir’s wife comments on her husband’s hospitalization by Covid-19: ‘Sadness and fear’ – Young Pan


It’s the second time an actor has been infected with the disease this year; Luhanna Sfazir believes the artist should be released in the coming days

Reproduction/Instagram/@luhannaszafirLuhanna and Luciano Szafir have been together since 2010 and have two children

The singer Luhanna Sapphire commented on Wednesday, 30, about the hospitalization of her husband, the actor Luciano Szafir, 52 years old. the father of Sasha has been hospitalized since the 23rd with Covid-19. It is the second time that Szafir has been infected with the disease. In February 2021, the artist tested positive for Covid-19, but said he was fine and with relatively mild symptoms. This time, however, the actor had to be hospitalized for treatment of the disease. “Returning to life after two weeks of sadness and fear,” said his wife, who believes that Szafir should be released in the next few days. “But also a lot of faith. His day is coming back. But until he comes back, my world remains black and white. Looking forward to waiting for you, my love, my companion”, she wrote. Luhanna and Luciano Szafir have been together since 2010. The couple have two children: David, born in 2013, and Mikael, born in 2015. In May, the actor’s daughter with the presenter Xuxa, Sasha, married the gospel singer João Figueiredo.