Lucifer returns to Genesis for revenge; know who will be the victim


Lucifer (Igor Rickli) will infiltrate the kingdom of Gerar to finish off Isaac (Guilherme Dellorto) in Genesis. Afraid that the Hebrew camp will spread across the Middle East, the bramble will enter the mind of Abimelech (Leonardo Franco). “Expel Isaac and bury the wells he and his father dug around Gerar,” advises the villain.

The devil will try to boycott the legacy of Abraão (Zécarlos Machado) in the chapter this second (5). He will dress up as a Philistine pastor and ask for an audience with the sovereign. The devil will touch the king’s ego and reveal that the Hebrew is increasingly powerful.

“It is not fair for a foreigner to prosper more than the sovereign and his people. The great King Abimelech must take action! It is too humiliating for Gerar,” the man will begin, full of evil intentions. The monarch will question Ficol (Joelson Medeiros), and the prince will agree with Lucifer.

“Over those six moons, Isaac managed to produce practically the same amount of grain as the palace,” the court member will explain. “And how did you achieve this feat?!”, will retort Najla’s husband (Virginia Cavendish).

“I can’t say, sovereign. Their land is just like ours. But the quality of Isaac’s wheat and barley is unparalleled”, will confess the character played by Joelson Medeiros. Bachir (Caetano O’maihlan) will stir up his father’s vanity:

They say the next harvest will be stupendous. There is nothing to hold back the success of the son of Abraham. The wealth is so much, father, that if you want you can buy an entire army just to take the city.

Isaac will be harmed by Lucifer

phantom threat

“Isaac is not our enemy, Bachir!” will indicate Nader (Cristiano Garcia), with wisdom. But the king will be contaminated by the words of the unknown shepherd and will plan Isaac’s downfall.

Quirá (Sula Miranda) will observe the situation in silence, but will open his mouth to remind the sovereign that he has made an alliance: “His orders were clear. Death penalty to anyone who harms Isaac and his wife”, he will point out.

“And I don’t know, Quirá? I didn’t allow anyone to lay a finger on those two. And now… What to do?”, questioned Omar’s father (Marcello Airoldi). Lucifer will blow an infallible solution: “Cast out Isaac and bury the wells that he and his father dug on the outskirts of Gerar, great king,” he will say.

The ambitious lived by Leonardo Franco will perk up: “It’s not a bad idea… I wouldn’t be attacking him directly, just taking care of what is mine”, the king will justify. The tenoso will support the monarch’s decision with satisfaction: “There is no harm in wanting to distance yourself from certain people. Especially when they step on your land, drink your water and take your sleep,” he will conclude.

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