Luís Roberto will be the voice of volleyball and Globo’s prime time anchor in Tokyo


Globo closed the last stopovers for the Tokyo Olympic Games broadcasts, which officially start next Friday (23). Luís Roberto, one of the main names in the station’s Sports, will be the starter in the volleyball games men’s and women’s courts, in which Brazil has high chances of winning a medal.

Roberto will also have a very important role in attracting the public. He will be the prime-time presenter of the Globo Games, which will begin after the telenovela Império – between 22:30 and 12:55, when the sporting events will deliver to Jornal da Globo, with Renata Lo Prete.

Keeping Luís Roberto in volleyball was a sign of prestige for the work he did at the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016. Fans of the sport who watched the volleyball broadcasts on Globo praised the narrator for the emotion he brought to the matches, especially for the men’s team .

The narration of volleyball in Rio-2016 was also a turning point in Luís Roberto’s career. It was at that moment when he spoke for the first time some catchphrases that became popular with the public, such as “knows who?”. Currently, the narrator uses expressions in football matches as well.

For beach volleyball, Globo selected Cléber Machado, its other important narrator. Galvão Bueno is a fixture in men’s and women’s football matches, but will also lead relevant events that may take place. Everaldo Marques will skate and surf on open TV. Rogério Corrêa and Rembrandt Júnior complete the team of announcers at Globo.

Wanted by TV news, the broadcaster confirmed all the information.

Tokyo Games on Globo

The audience leader will have 200 hours of Olympic content during the Tokyo Games on open TV. Narrators and commentators are not going to Japan. They will work from Brazil in a large space set up at Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the schedule already defined, the station will be on the air with transmissions and programs between 22:30 and 11:00 the following day. Attractions such as Profissão Reporter, Conversa com Bial and Mais Você should not be aired between July 23rd and August 8th.

After the Olympic Games, Globo will carry out a major programming campaign with news for prime time. Some of them are the rerun of the soap opera Verdades Secretas, the series Ilha de Ferro and Sob Pressure and the premiere of the program The Masked Singer, presented by Ivete Sangalo.