Luísa Sonza speaks up after being robbed in São Paulo – Prime Time Zone


Singer said she has no cell phone, but she reassured the fans that she is fine and thanked her affectionately

Reproduction/Instagram/luisasonza/14.10.2021Luísa Sonza didn’t give details of how the assault was, but she said she’s fine.

The singer Luisa Sonza reassured fans after suffering a robbery in São Paulo on Tuesday night, 12. “Hi babies, Luísa here. Moving on to let you know everything is fine! Me and my friends are fine and everything is ok. I’m still without my cell phone, but that’s it. Thank you for all your concern and affection”, wrote the artist on Twitter on the night of Wednesday 13th. robbery happened after Luísa watched a concert by the band melin, which took place in the Space of the Americas. According to columnist Leo Dias, from metropolises, the singer was with a group of friends shopping at a pharmacy when she was surrendered by the robbers, who took her cell phone and other belongings from the people who were with her at the place. THE Young pan he tried to contact Luísa’s press office and got no response.