Luiz Melodia wins a documentary about the affections and pains of his works


Right in the first minutes of the documentary All Melodies, which debuts this Monday, 19, in the programming of the subscription channel Curta!, director Marco Abujamra puts composer Jards Macalé and singer and actress Zezé Motta side by side. Residents of the same building in Rio, they remember Luiz Melody (1951-2017). The meeting draws one of the film’s narratives, which deals with the honoree’s compositions.

As the lyrics of Juventude Transviada in hand, they seem, even in contact with one of the most known songs of the singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro, to be surprised by the genius of their mutual friend. Macalé – to whom Abujamra had already dedicated the doc Jards Macalé – Um Bat na Porta Principal (2008) – draws attention to the lines “a woman must not hesitate”. “What wonderful advice!” exclaims Macalé, then immediately commits an indiscretion.

Zezé, who in 2011 recorded the album Negra Melodia, with only songs by Macalé and Melodia, says that sometimes he doesn’t really understand what Melodia means in the lyrics. “But I like it!” In fact, he and Zezé appear together on stage, in an archival image from the 1970s, in a performance of total catharsis in Negro Gato.

The poet Waly Salomão (1943-2003), in another important rescue of the film, appears in an interview at the end of the 1970s, given on the premises of Circo Voador, in Rio, explaining Melodia’s work. In reference to the fragmented verses of the composer’s songs, he says: they are the quebradas do hill, the unexpected exits, the mouths and the alleys.

The composer’s widow, Jane Reis, who was married to Melodia for 40 years, remembers that it was Waly, Hélio Oiticica and Torquato Neto who took him from the hill – he was born in São Carlos, in the Estácio neighborhood – to the city. In Jane, there is another path taken by the documentary: that of affection.