Lumena defends Karol Conká after Camilla de Lucas’ post: ‘Want us at the fire?’ – Young pan


Ex-BBB said it’s ‘a punch in the stomach’ to see the former participant relive scenes that propagate hate

Reproduction/Instagram/lumena.aleluia/karolconka/camilladelucas/04.08.2021Lumena spoke up after Camilla de Lucas recalled a fight with Karol Conká

O “BBB 21” came to an end in May, but the conflicts between the former participants of the edition are still yielding subject matter. Lumena Hallelujah came out in defense of Karol Conká this Wednesday, 4, after Camilla de Lucas made a publication recalling one of the fights she had with the rapper at the house. “The second week I saw the chaos, I went into my spiritual retreat and calmed down completely. If I continued with this energy here [do vídeo] it couldn’t last another three days. Now you understand why I was calm (laughs)! This meme is everything! You guys out here were going to love that energy, but I was going to have to go to therapy Monday through Friday. Sorry mores,” wrote the digital influencer, who added a phrase said by Karol when she returned to “BBB” to record Day 101. “A new woman (laughs),” Camilla posted. After that, Karol made a post on Twitter that many followers understood as indirect to Camilla: “Darling… it’s already August. Go in peace!”.

Without mentioning Camilla’s name, Lumena also took a stand on Twitter about the matter. “Let’s get over it, right? We’re already in August and seeing participants relive scenes that get sick and contribute to the spread of more hate is a punch in the stomach. Karol and I have already paid for all our mistakes. I am the participant with the least followers in the edition and I am aware that this was a reflection of my participation and ok. But, waking up seeing news of a boy victim of lynching on the internet and seeing ‘BBB’ raising the cancellation agenda makes you want to give up. What’s missing now? Want us at the stake?”, wrote the psychologist, referring to the death of Lucas Santos, son of singer Walkyria Santos who committed suicide at age 16 after criticism on social networks. Amid the repercussion, Camilla countered Lumena: “The post is me criticizing my energy! Speaking of myself. Don’t blame and don’t place the responsibility of your actions on me. What really interests me is sending a message to a participant who is having distorted speech on the internet and helping with what I can. For the rest, little kisses”.