Maalat plants seed of discord to kill Isaac in Genesis; know how


Maalate (Lidi Lisboa) will make the head of his own son to kill Isaac (Henri Pagnoncelli) in Genesis. With Esau’s (Cirillo Luna) rages, the Egyptian will ask Reuel (Enzo Bastos) for patience. The antagonist will convince the heir to calm down and, in the future, carry out a massacre in the Hebrew caravan: “We are going to take everything that should have belonged to your grandfather”, he will say.

Ishmael’s heiress (Anselmo Vasconcellos) will prophesy the child’s fate in this Tuesday’s chapter (3). The antagonist will notice that her son is increasingly angry at his father.

The redhead attacked the ambitious one for having found out that she planned the death of Elifaz (Thales Miranda), and the boy caught sight of how his mother was after the beating. “Throwing stones like that with violence won’t help us at all, Reuel,” warns the woman, seeing the heir play with his darts angrily.

“That’s what I want to do with that man…”, the little one will confess. “That man has a name and is your father,” the Egyptian will warn. The young man will admit that he preferred to be unrelated to Esau.

Clever, Maalate will make an analogy with the game of darts to explain her true relationship with her husband: “Darts allow us to advance, but the success of the game depends on our choices. I chose to leave Esau aside. I don’t care if he is you want to act like my husband and your father or not…”.

“I don’t care now either,” the boy will reinforce. But the Egyptian will explain that the son cannot give up because he is responsible for avenging Ishmael. The veteran still feels rejected for not having been Abraham’s firstborn (Zécarlos Machado) and not having inherited the prophet’s caravan:

This whole sacrifice has a name, and it’s called Reuel. You are the reason for everything I do. Now, the darts are in your hand, understand? When you grow up, you’ll make Esau, Isaac, and Rebekah out of existence. And let’s take everything that should have been your grandfather’s. And then yes, Reuel, we leave for Egypt with everything we deserve and, finally, we will be happy.

“Promise, Mom?” the boy will ask, impressed by the plan. The antagonist will proudly nod, “I promise. Because I know you’ll be able to do all of this, my son… You’re the one who’s going to do us justice.”

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