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After being criticized, presenter of ‘Jornal Hoje’ said she understands ‘the pain of small business owners’

Reproduction / Globo / 18.03.2021Maju Coutinho apologized after using expression that caused controversy on social networks

The presenter Maju Coutinho apologized in the “Newspaper Today”, By Globo, this Thursday, 18, for having used the expression“ crying is free ”when talking about the need to maintain measures of social isolation to contain the advance of the pandemic of Covid-19. The journalist’s name ended up in the most commented subjects on Twitter after she spoke live in the newspaper last Tuesday, 16: “The experts are unanimous in saying that these are indispensable measures to contain the circulation of the virus. Crying is free, we can’t complain, that’s what it is ”. The video from that moment started to circulate on social networks and Maju began to be criticized by followers who believe that the journalist has this opinion because she continues to work and receive her salary.

With the collapse in the health system due to the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19, several regions of Brazil have again adopted the lockdown and only essential services continue to work. During the “Jornal Hoje” this Thursday, Maju commented on the matter and said that he used the expression, which he called “unhappy”, in improvisation. “I fully understand the pain of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, who are forced to keep their deals closed. You [telespectador] it is a testimony that just yesterday we showed a long article on the subject and at the end of it I said thus: ‘I also wish the government and the Congress to be more agile to assist businessmen and also families that are waiting for emergency assistance’. I reiterate this wish here, I apologize for the expression I used. Let’s do it and move forward ”.