Maju Mazalli confirms the breakup with Lipe Ribeiro: ‘Maybe you don’t know what you want’


Maju Mazalli confirmed the end of his relationship with Lipe Ribeiro this Tuesday (20th). The former MTV explained that the romance was complicated by the fact that the manager was confused. “Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants [da vida]”, opined the brunette.

After publishing indirect comments on Instagram, the influencer spoke about the end of the relationship in an interview with Lavando aClothes, on Lucas Selfie’s YouTube channel.

“Is not [rolando], in fact, it’s not there anymore. We never dated, we never had a label, it didn’t happen. We were getting to know each other, living at a halt. Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants yet, I don’t think he has a stop to what he wants. From the moment it is [tudo tá] messy [na relação], I think you need to get right,” said Maju.

The participant of On Vacation with Ex Brasil: Celebs 2 also highlighted that the moments with the ex-Fazenda were pleasant, but they did not go beyond that. “We enjoyed ourselves, we stayed for a while”, she completed in another section.

Rumors of the couple’s separation began to surface last Monday (19), when Lipe deleted the photos next to the influencer from her Instagram profile. The two were together since May this year.

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