Marcelo de Carvalho laments strike by RedeTV employees!: ‘Salaries are up to date’ – Prime Time Zone


Union claims that the station’s employees have been without salary readjustment for more than four years

Reproduction/RedeTV!/31.08.2021Marcelo de Carvalho said that RedeTV! did not fire employees in the pandemic

The host Marcelo de Carvalho, who is also a founding partner and shareholder of TV network!, used social media on Tuesday, 31, to comment on the strike from the broadcaster. “Unfortunate legacy from Getúlio Vargas, a handful of union members claiming to represent our thousands of employees declares a state of strike. As everyone knows, broadcasters fired even national iconic artists in the pandemic. On the contrary, RedeTV! he didn’t fire anyone, he hired them. Even in this period, which had a strong impact on the sector, we launched many new programs and formats”, wrote the businessman on Twitter. As disclosed by Radio Broadcasters Union, the workers declared an indefinite strike, as they wait for the company to agree to negotiate the workers’ claims.

Also according to the union, the station employees are without adjustments of wage for over four years and the direction of RedeTV! did not show interest in a negotiation: “The wage losses of workers are 18.72%, if you consider the retroactive it reaches 354%”. Workers are also demanding payment from the Profit Sharing Program. Marcelo, in turn, declared: “All employees have their salaries absolutely up to date, evidenced by the fact that even the ‘union’ couldn’t criticize this. We will continue to produce and provide security for the vast majority of employees who continue to work, producing content, information, entertainment.”