Mari and Matheus do poorly in the Power Couple test and are at risk of elimination


Mari Matarazzo failed to complete the Women’s Test this Monday (5) at Power Couple Brasil 5. In last place in the ranking of balances, the influencer and her husband, Matheus Yurley, are at risk of being in the next DR of the reality show of Record.

In the dynamics of the day, the women needed to go through a circuit with several steps and answer questions that their husbands had faced before.

Mari got sick and lost the amount of R$ 20 thousand that her partner had bet on the activity. After the defeat, the couple of influencers closed the balance of the joint account at R$ 12 thousand. This Monday afternoon, Adriane Galisteu alerted the lovebirds. “Attention Mari and Matheus: you already have the passport to DR Only the Proof of Couples can change that.”

Besides Mari, Thiago Bertoldo and Georgia Fröhlich, and Daniele Hypolito and Fábio Castro are also at risk of elimination for not having fulfilled the challenge. Due to the legacy left by the eliminated Nina Cachoeira and Filipe Duarte, Thiago had to perform the race in Georgia’s place.

Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão are with advantage in the ranking of sales for the week. They add up to R$ 65,000 in the account after the actress completes the Women’s Test. Li Martins and JP Mantovani are also safe in the list of winners, as well as Renata Dominguez and Leandro Gléria, who concluded the activity.

Check out the ranking of couples:

  • Deborah and Bruno: R$ 65,000
  • Li e JP – R $ 64 mil
  • Renata and Leandro: BRL 50 thousand
  • Georgia and Thiago: R$ 42 thousand
  • Dany and Fábio: BRL 21 thousand
  • Mari and Matheus: R$ 12 thousand

See the bets of the day:

  • Matheus bet R$ 20 thousand on Mari
  • Leandro bet R$19,000 on Renata
  • Fábio bet R$15 on Dany
  • JP bet R$14 on Li
  • Georgia bet R$ 9,000 on Thiago
  • Bruno bet R$5,000 on Deborah

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