Marie Kondo returns to Netflix organizing life beyond home


Two years after the hit series Order in the House, Marie Kondo, the queen of the organization, returns to the Netflix with the series Everyday Magic, which opens on Tuesday, 31. With just three episodes, it shows how organization helps in other aspects of life, such as relationships and business, and not just in keeping a nice closet.

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“The inspiration came from our community. After the launch of the first series, many people who used the KonMari method shared their life-changing stories with us, and it was through these stories that Daily Magic was inspired,” says Marie Kondo in document offered by Netflix.

“A new miniseries that focuses on applying KonMari’s fundamentals to places beyond the home and takes a deeper look at the transformative power it has in people’s lives and the community around them,” he sums up.

His method, in essence, remains the same: organize by categories rather than by area. There are five of them: clothes, books, papers, komono (which would be kitchen, bathroom and garage, but here they can be translated as ‘variety items’) and sentimental pieces. In some cases, the clothing category is ignored in the new series, which focuses on companies and institutions.

Detachment, balance and joy are the concepts that Marie shares with the families of gardener Jimmy, businesswoman Joanna and volunteer Lorri. “Each story has a unique and special role within their respective communities, which is what resonates with me the most. The positive influence they have on people and their surrounding communities is very similar to the deep and personal impact that the joy of tidying up have in others,” he says.

The series also shows a bit of Marie’s personal life. Her husband and daughters appear in the episodes and prove that the method is practiced by everyone there. You can also see your house, which has a minimalist style and various textures – straw benches and stone walls – and cozy objects such as pillows and blankets. “Before having kids, I was focused on organizing just indoors, but now I see that it’s important for all areas of life,” she says in one of the scenes in the series.

According to Marie, the changes in the world and the union between work and home or work and community made her need to want to share her home and professional life with viewers.