‘Marijuana’, Giovanna pulls her brother out of the closet in Secret Truths: ‘Gay and Happy’


In Verdades Secretas, Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) will pull Bruno (João Vitor Silva) out of the closet in front of Pia (Guilhermina Guinle). Called a “marijuana” by the youngest at breakfast, the call girl will counter the provocation by questioning the teenager’s sexuality in the telenovela at eleven on Globo. “It will be gay and happy”, will mock the rebel without a cause.

In the scenes that will air from next Wednesday (15), Giovanna will be late for breakfast after a night of prostitution. “Giovanna hasn’t got up yet?” the madame will ask at the table with her son and Igor (Adriano Toloza). “By the time he’s here, he’ll wake up late,” will say Alex’s heir (Rodrigo Lombardi).

“I didn’t see her arrive. What time was it?”, the blonde will question. “Around 4am,” the teenager will report. “Telling me about, Beelzebub’s apprentice? Wow, I woke up in the mó larica“, the rebel will say, entering the room. “What is it like?”, the mother will mumble. “Hungry”, will translate Pia’s personal trainer.

“Hunger in marijuana language”, will need Bruno. “Giovanna, I don’t know what I’m doing with you. Look how you get down, aren’t you ready to go out yet?”, Alex’s ex-wife will argue. “Worse is that I have to present a paper in the first class, so you have to take me right away, I won’t wait for this break, no”, will warn the nerd.

“Bruno, miss me. He’ll be gay and be happy”, will provoke Giovanna. “Hi? Bruno, you’re not gay, aren’t you, son?”, Pia will worry. “I’ve never seen a girl catch…”, will release the character of Agatha Moreira. “Of course not, right, mother. This girl who has more cock than a finger in her hand. She keeps saying these things”, will justify the diligent student.

“Look, you’re not going to fight this time of the morning, for God’s sake. That’s the only thing I’m asking for”, will demand the dazzled one. “Away from you, it’s even worse. They almost kill each other”, Leidiana (Sylbeth Soriano) will deliver. “Leidi, servants don’t give a damn”, complains Angel’s colleague (Camila Queiroz).

“Giovanna, don’t talk like that. Respect Leidiana, she’s almost family,” her mother will scold. “Only if it’s yours”, the teenager will respond without limits. “I helped raise you, girl. Damn it, you’re almost a daughter to me”, will lament the maid. “Tensioned. I wasn’t born to be the daughter of a poor person”, will mock Fanny’s employee (Marieta Severo).

Originally aired in 2015, Verdades Secretas returned to the air on Globo in a kind of “warm up” for its sequel, which began to be recorded and will show the plot starring Camila Queiroz seven years after the end of the version shown on open TV.

The rerun of the saga written by Walcyr Carrasco is also an attempt to stop the audience from escaping to the new season of A Fazenda, reality by Record.

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