Marina Ruy Barbosa is offended by accusation of paying ‘gossip mafia’


Despite saying she is in a “zen” phase, Marina Ruy Barbosa has lost patience with a netizen, who has claimed that she pays Instagram gossip profile managers a fee to speak well about her. The actress was offended by the accusation of her follower named Lara and snapped: “Don’t freak out, girl!”

The girl said that the girlfriend of federal deputy Guilherme Mussi (PP) gives money to the vehicles — along with other celebrities like Gkay, Virgínia, Luísa Sonza, Rafa Kalimann, the Poncio family and Flávia Pavanelli. The so-called “gossip mafia” was exposed by journalist Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal.

“Everyone knows that Gkay, Virgínia, Luísa Sonza, Rafa Kalimann, the Poncio family, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Lara Silva, Taina Costa, Flávia Pavanelli pay high to appear in these gossip institutes, saying that these are sold is easy. pays,” the woman wrote.

The interpreter of Maria Isis in Império (2014) did not like the statement at all and replied: “Don’t freak out and don’t involve my name in it, girl. Me, huh. I work a lot and since I was nine years old. I don’t need to pay anyone to talk about me , my work speaks for me”.

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