Marjorie Estiano reveals an unusual nickname for Rafael Cardoso; know which


Marjorie Estiano revealed the unusual nickname of Rafael Cardoso during participation in the meeting with Fátima Bernardes this Thursday (15). The actress affectionately calls her colleague a “neck”. Longtime friends, the duo already acted as a romantic couple in A Vida da Gente (2011), were brothers in Lado a Lado (2012) and were in the cast of Império (2014).

“I think Rafael went to do a job for a character who was very strong, but then I met him again [no filme] The time and the wind [2013]. I looked and the first thing I said was: ‘Rafael, what neck is this?’ It made us die laughing, and there it was [o apelido] neck, “recalled the artist.

In addition to recalling the curious moment of the two, Manuela’s interpreter in the plot of Lícia Manzo said that she also lives with a new side of the actor. He is a farmer and undertakes in the Fazenda Casulo Orgânico project.

The artist has a property in the interior of Rio de Janeiro where he plants organic food and serves small producers and consumers.
“Rafael has become a farmer. He has peace, tranquility. The animal may be aware that he does not change his tone,” said Marjorie.


In addition to hearing his friend’s testimony, Rafael Cardoso attended Globo’s morning to comment on his “supremacy” in the station’s soap operas. He is currently on the air in the reruns of Ti Ti Ti (2010), A Vida da Gente, Império and in the recap of Salve-se Quem Puder.

“[Tem] four salaries? “, joked André Curvello, about the long list. Laughing, the actor said he was satisfied with the work on canvas and said that it is not necessary to look at his old papers to analyze what could have improved.” It is an exercise to look back with gratitude without criticism “, he pointed out.

But Cardoso also admitted that he went to great lengths to deliver a good performance in the reissued reissue in the range of six today. Lawyer Rodrigo was its first protagonist.

“It was a critical moment in my collection, external collection. Fear of knowing how to deal [com o trabalho] despite being in the workshop [de atuação] a year ago “, he confessed.

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