Masquerades by Ivete Sangalo overshadow the shack between Nadja and Mirella at Ilha Record


Internet users’ curiosity about the identity of the participants of The Masked Singer Brasil left the shack between Nadja Pessoa and Mirella Santos, the Gêmea Lacração, at Ilha Record, in the background. During the confrontation between the realities on Tuesday (25), the attraction commanded by Ivete Sangalo won the preference of Twitter users.

According to data collected by TV news while the attractions were shown, the Globo competition won 20 positions in the list of the most talked about subjects on the social network. At 23:26, the first four places in the ranking were occupied, respectively, by the official hashtag of the program, the singer Sandra de Sá, the fantasy Arara and the actor Tiago Abravanel.

Sandra and Abravanel were speculated by the public as possible participants in the reality show. In fifth place was the hashtag of MasterChef Brasil, which is also shown at this time. The dispute led by Sabrina Sato only appeared in the 26th position, named after the ex-wife of Vinícius D’Black.

In the list of the most talked about subjects, the names of Priscilla Alcantara, Lucas Penteado, Thiago Martins, Cris Viana, Babu Santana, Sergio Loroza, Robson Nunes, Thiago Fragoso and Leticia Spiller also appeared as possible participants of the reality. Dressed as Coqueiro, Marcelinho Carioca was eliminated for the night.

In Tuesday’s episode, Mirella yelled at Nadja and Pyong Lee. During the shack, the ex-exile admitted that she was in the mood to attack her rivals. “Want to punch,” confessed MC Loma’s cousin.

Check out the complete ranking:

  1. TheMaskedSingerBR
  2. Sandra de Sá – masquerade guess
  3. Arara – fantasia do The Masked Singer Brasil
  4. Tiago Abravanel – masked guess
  5. MasterChefBR
  6. Priscilla Alcantara – Masquerade Hunch
  7. Post Malone
  8. Lucas Penteado – masked guess
  9. Thiago Martins – masked guess
  10. Lauren
  11. Cris Viana – masquerade guess
  12. Jason Derulo
  13. Babu [Santana] – masked guess
  14. Girassol – fantasia do The Masked Singer Brasil
  15. Astronauta – fantasia do The Masked Singer Brasil
  16. Sérgio Loroza – masked guess
  17. Marcelinho Carioca – participant eliminated from The Masked Singer Brasil
  18. Robson Nunes – masked guess
  19. Coconut – costume by The Masked Singer Brazil
  20. Megan
  21. Mariana Ximenes – guest judge of The Masked Singer Brasil
  22. Supergirl
  23. Sheila5minaqui
  24. Ivete [Sangalo] – host of The Masked Singer Brasil
  25. Thiago Fragoso – masked guess
  26. Nadja [Pessoa] – Island Record participant
  27. Secret truths
  28. Whom
  29. Leticia Spiller – Masquerade Hunch

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