MC Gui chooses ‘perfect garden’ in A Fazenda 13 and warns: ‘I would leave with my head held high’


In A Fazenda 2021, MC Gui already has a “perfect garden” in his plans. This Saturday (9), in a conversation with Gui Araujo, the funkeiro delivered his desire to face Dayane Mello and Rico Melquiades in the popular vote. “I would leave with my head held high”, justified the pawn.

“Wow, the perfect garden of my life, I swear to God. If I were to go out, I’d come out with my head up and say, ‘God, thank you! It really isn’t my place.’ It would be me, Dayane and Rico. whatever it is to be, it will be! Right? There it is a field of dignity,” said the singer during the outburst.

The ex-On Vacation With the Ex said he was not okay with the pressure of confinement, agreed with his colleague’s reasoning and questioned: “Rico didn’t go to any farm, right?”.

“No, no, no! In the other field, if I’m here, I’ll let you know: ‘I don’t want anyone to save me in the last one.’ popular bertle two weeks from now, after the end of Melquiades’ term as a farmer.

Check out the video:

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