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In an interview with Pânico, the journalist detailed the consequences of the night of the accident; body of the funkeiro was buried on Tuesday, 18

Reproduction / Instagram / val.negra / 17.05.2021During the early hours of Tuesday, friends and fans said goodbye to the singer at the wake that took place on the court of the samba school Unidos de Vila Maria, in São Paulo

The funkeiro Kevin Nascimento Bueno, the MC Kevin, died this Sunday, 16, after falling from the 5th floor of the hotel where he was staying, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio. According to the report of the Instituto Médico Legal (IML), the cause of the death of the 23 years was head trauma. In an interview with the program Panic, gives Young pan, this Tuesday, 18, the journalist Leo Dias detailed the developments of the night of fatality. “It was a banal, tragic death that came from a joke in bad taste. MC Kevin was staying on the 13th floor of this hotel, but his friends were in apartment 502, located on the 5th floor. At the dawn of death, they called Kevin to a party that took place in room 502. The funky guy went and ended up getting involved with a call girl. At the time of the accident, he had sex with the prostitute on the balcony of the hotel room ”, he revealed.

According to the journalist, the police are working to understand what made the funkeiro throw himself off the balcony. “So far, the police believe that the death occurred after a bad joke played by MC Kevin’s friends. While the funkeiro had sex with the call girl, they would have knocked on the bedroom door pretending it was his wife. Believing that his wife was about to catch him in the betrayal, MC Kevin jumped in an attempt to fall on the balcony of the lower room, but ended up slipping, ”he explained. The journalist said the police have already ruled out the possibility that he tried to jump into the pool, since his fall occurred without impulse. “A very strong video is circulating on social networks that portrays the body of MC Kevin lying on the floor after the fall. In the recording, the funkeiro’s friends appear desperate and the MC VK, who would have played the joke, is filmed putting his hands on his head and saying: ‘Man, it wasn’t bad’ – which reinforces the hypothesis that everything happened after a bad taste catch. ”

Rio de Janeiro police are still investigating the singer’s death. For clarification, the hotel where the accident occurred was inspected by experts from the Civil Police. In addition, witnesses testified, their cell phones were seized and investigators also requested a drug test on MC Kevin’s body. During the dawn of this Tuesday, friends and fans said goodbye to the singer at the wake that took place on the court of the samba school Unidos de Vila Maria, in São Paulo. After the wake, Kevin’s body went to burial this morning at Parque dos Pinheiros Cemetery, in the North Zone of São Paulo. The people who participated in the game that ended up generating the accident were not there. “The friends who had participated in the trip to Rio de Janeiro did not go to the wake and closed the comments on social networks. Obviously, they are the target of many attacks, ”said Leo Dias.

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