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‘There was no joke, I didn’t push him and I couldn’t help him,’ said the funkeiro on social networks

Reproduction/Instagram/mcvk.official/mckevin/14.07.2021MC VK talked about the death of singer MC Kevin on social media

The singer MC VK spoke again about the death of his friend, MC Kevin, who did not resist after falling from the 5th floor of a building in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, on May 16th. The lawyer Deolane Calf, widow of the funkeiro, did not approve of Kevin’s friendship with VK and Valkyrie Birth, mother of the MC, criticized the singer for not looking for her after the accident. During the investigations, one of the theories that emerged is that Kevin was cheating on Deolane and VK would have joked that the lawyer was coming to the room they were in, something that despaired Kevin and made him try to jump to the balcony of another apartment . In Instagram stories, VK sent a message to people who still blame him for Kevin’s death. “Several ones on the internet who never even ‘touched up’ with us or didn’t even know [a gente] personally he only waits for misfortune, feeds on bad news and has the satisfaction of judging to feel relieved, but I have faith that the merciful Jesus Christ will give a light and comfort the heart of those who need comfort in the face of so much energy from others.”

O funkeiro he continued saying that whoever was close to Kevin knew that their friendship was true and returned to defending himself against the accusations he has been suffering on social media. “The only satisfaction I have is for his family and for those who knew who Kevin really was because those who knew him know we had a strong bond. There was no joke, I didn’t push him, I couldn’t help him, if I had a way to help I would throw myself in his place. I did not see [o que aconteceu], I don’t care what you think, you don’t know how much I’m suffering”, he emphasized. “Kevin was the only one who believed in me, who paid attention to me, who put me on the right path in life, what am I going to do now? Who will pay attention to me now?” he added. VK also said that he doesn’t want to victimize himself and that he made a mistake by not looking for Kevin’s family right after the singer’s death. Finally, the funkeiro said that he went to the hospital, then to the police station and learned from third parties that they wanted to kill him because of the accident with Kevin. The videos recorded by the funkeiro were posted on a gossip page on Instagram and Deolane Bezerra left a comment on the publication with several vomiting emojis.

Print of the comment left by Deolane in the post about MC VK

Print of the comment left by Deolane in the publication about MC VK – Source: Reproduction/Instagram/gossipdodia