Megha who introduced Junior Chiru


Prime Time Zone, Movie: Meghna Raj, wife of late Kannada hero Chiranjeevi Sarja, gave a great treat to the fans on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Meghna introduces her son to the world .. On this occasion, she released a pretty video about the baby boy. While Babu is seen playing and laughing in this .. Megha picked up Babu and smiled near the small photo frame and made the pic appear emotional.

Meghna Sarja, who shared the video on social media, captioned the introduction of her little prince. After that Junior Chiranjeevi thanked everyone who gave love and blessings to Sarja. ‘You have loved me since before I was born. My little heartfelt thanks to all of you who gave love and support to my mother during our first time meeting. You are my family ‘added the caption. Junior Sarja was born on October 22 and Chirune is said to be back in her form again. Chiranjeevi Sarja died of a massive heart attack on June 7 while Megha was five months pregnant.

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