Mercedes GLS 450, the biggest SUV of the brand, is a delicate big man


Every family has that big uncle, who despite his size is fun, affectionate, welcoming. the line of SUV gives Mercedes-Benz have yours. Its name is GLS 450, the biggest and most luxurious sport utility vehicle of the German brand, which recently arrived in the country in a single version for a suggested price of 917,900 reais.

The first thing that stands out in the car, no doubt, is the dimension. The big man measures 5.20 meters in length, 2.15 in width, 1.82 in height and 3.13 m in wheelbase. Inside, the size is even more evident. The GLS 450 is one of the few car options on the market that accommodates seven occupants, accommodated in three rows of seats.

It is, therefore, a welcoming giant, family, delicate. If you don’t have that many children and households, the last row of seats can be lowered and the trunk of a modest 355 liters increases considerably, reaching up to 2400 liters.

powerful yet comfortable

I tested the GLS 450 on a trip from São Paulo to the north coast. I didn’t have seven individuals to bring, just my family of four. In my case, the comfort of the car can be measured by the tone of my children’s complaints about the delay in reaching their destination. In that sense, the new SUV did not disappoint.

The significantly greater width compared to its predecessor increases the space in the second row of seats. The seats can also be adjusted back and forth up to 10 centimeters. Traveling in the back, therefore, becomes first a diversion, then a moment of rest.

The silence in the cabin of the moving car helps the feeling of well-being. And that’s because we’re talking about 2,460 kilos being transported by an in-line six-cylinder gasoline engine, which delivers 367 hp of power and 50.9 kgf.m of torque.

The car comes with a 48V EQ Boost system, which saves energy in the Eco system – a function that, in practice, characterizes it as a lightweight hybrid. An electric thruster provides 22 more horsepower in more challenging situations. On the road, we are talking about overtaking in smaller spaces and retaking speed. If we think about off roading, it’s dirt roads, ups and downs in the mud – of course, if the driver has the necessary detachment to put a car in this price range under these conditions.