Michael Douglas overcomes Alan Arkin’s absence at the end of The Kominsky Method


Golden Globe-winning comedy in 2019, The Kominsky Method ends its journey on Netflix this Friday (28), with the premiere of its third and final season. Without Alan Arkin, who decided not to return for the last wave of episodes, Michael Douglas and a number of special guests were tasked with holding on to the ends and overcoming the important absence. To the delight of the fans, the result is satisfactory.

Rather than diminishing the quality of the series, the weight of Norman (Arkin) ‘s absence in the life of Sandy Kominsky (Douglas) serves to give more space to other stories of the protagonist. With the death of his best friend, explained in the first moments of the third year, the acting teacher has to learn to live “only” with the presence of family and friends.

Without having to share the leading role with Arkin, Douglas surfs the character as if he wants to end the journey in style. To help him, creator Chuck Lorre called on big names like Morgan Freeman and director Barry Levinson, who play versions of themselves. Introduced in the second year, Kathleen Turner and Paul Reiser return with more prominence to the story.

Since Arkin’s departure was already announced long before the confirmation of a third season, Lorre had enough time to know how Kominsky’s story would end without his faithful agent at his side. Because of this, the series seems to move in a natural way, with Norman’s death being used intelligently to continue the protagonist’s plot.


Sandy (Michael Douglas) e Roz (Kathleen Turner)

Kathleen, who plays Roz, Sandy’s first ex-wife, takes on the role of being his “partner” with the same grace as Arkin. The chemistry between the actress and Douglas works so much that it gives the impression that the character was there from the beginning.

Who suffers the most with the departure of Alan Arkin is Phoebe, the character of Lisa Edelstein. Norman’s daughter, who has shown some progress in her second year, is relegated to the role of self-serving scoundrel. With her father’s death, she joins her son Robby (Haley Joel Osment) to make Sandy’s life hell and receive his inheritance. The duo adds little and stars in the most boring moments of the last season.

Another absence that will also draw the attention of fans is that of Lisa, Sandy’s flirtation experienced by Nancy Travis since the first season. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the actress was unable to balance the work on the series with Last Man Standing (2012-2021), of which she was part of the regular cast. However, Kathleen Turner’s introduction also serves as a counterweight and makes the character’s “disappearance” less meaningful.

In a party atmosphere, The Kominsky Method would not be the same without reflecting on the death and the arrival of the twilight of life. Lorre uses the final six episodes not only to end the series’ story, but to ensure that Sandy has a complete journey and that it doesn’t seem empty. As a father and as an actor, he reaches his peak, which gives the viewer a sense of accomplishment.

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