Mirella Lacração is eliminated from Ilha Record for not getting involved with the reality show


Mirella Santos, the Twin Lacration, was eliminated from Ilha Record this Tuesday night (3) after a dynamic surprise organized by the production of the reality show. Elected by all her colleagues in confinement as the “blueprint” of the edition, she was forced to leave the dispute for the R$ 500 thousand prize for not getting involved with the game.

In the dynamic, participants had to classify their opponents as shark, octopus, turtle, jellyfish or seaweed. For the marine predator, they understood it would mean the champion of the season; the mollusk represented the good articulator.

The tortoise would be a strong but slow person. The jellyfish, on the other hand, represented the treacherous people of the house, and the seaweed was the equivalent of the plant, a character that is never lacking in any reality show. Mirella received 11 nominations for the least prestigious post.

After the game, which had moments of tension between some explorers, Sabrina Sato entered the scene and showed the bottle that the Guardian had left in place, with a scroll. Upon reading the message, everyone was stunned: “The most voted in the seaweed category should leave the village tonight, tonight.”

The dancer was speechless, but thanked her for participating. And the presenter took the opportunity to scold all the participants: “This is a warning for you. If you’re in the game, it’s to play”, she shouted. “I imagine that at this moment the Brazilian family is laughing in our faces”, commented Lucas Selfie.

The second outcast returned to the main headquarters and collected all her belongings. Laura Keller, Nanah Damasceno and Valesca Popozuda teamed up to give messages of encouragement, making Mirella cry.

With the defeat in the test, she now joins Dinei in the Cave of Exile, and will watch the game from a distance.

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